NELA webinar: the impact of COVID-19 on emergency laparotomy in England and Wales

This webinar discusses the impact of the global pandemic on patients having emergency laparotomy, and importantly, how we can as an MDT build on what we have learnt over the last year to think differently about what makes high quality care for this high risk group of patients. Is ERAS possible for emergency laparotomy patients? Who else do we need to work with? Can this be achieved in a stretched workforce?

Chair: Dr Sarah Hare | NELA clinical lead


  • The impact of COVID 19 on Emergency Laparotomy
    Dr Sarah Hare - NELA clinical lead
  • Emergency Laparotomy, food for thought...
    Ms Lyndsay Pearce - NELA Surgical and Research Lead
  • ERAS for Emergency Laparotomy
    Professor Carol Peden - Professor of Anesthesiology & Executive Director for the Center for Health Systems Innovation, University of Southern California

Please visit the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit (NELA) website for further information. 

This webinar was recorded on 19 April 2021.