Anaesthesia 2019 | Fitter, Better, Sooner Podcast

Recorded on 23 May 2019

Live from Anaesthesia 2019, on day two of the conference; a ‘must-attend event’ for the specialty where world-renowned experts present the latest advances in perioperative medicine, critical care and pain medicine.

The “Fitter, Better, Sooner” toolkit can be found here

The video we mentioned can be found here

Presented by Nick Margerrison with his guest Dr Hilary Swales, lead for Patient Information at The Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Recorded by TopMed Talk
Dr Hilary Swales
Lead for patient information at the Royal College of Anaesthetists

Hilary is the lead for patient information at the RCoA. She has driven the development of the suite of patient information available here. Hilary is also the Chair of the Patient Information Group

Nick Margerrison
Producer and creative director, TopMed Talk

Nick is a radio and TV broadcaster with over twenty years of experience in producing and presenting. He’s worked for The BBC, LBC in London, Kerrang Radio and That’s TV UK.