Anaesthesia 2018 podcast | NAP 6: Perioperative Anaphylaxis

Recorded on the 23rd May 2018.

NAP (National Audit Project) 6 is the largest ever prospective study of anaphylaxis related to anaesthesia and surgery. Find out the details behind this intriguing study, how long did it take, how does the data impact upon our day to day practice?

There follows a deep dive into the results and recommendations that NAP 6 has produced. Packed with useful information this podcast is one of the stand out pieces of our coverage of the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ annual conference in London.

Joff Lacey presents with his guest Professor Tim Cook, Consultant in Anaesthesia and ICM, Royal United Hospitals, Bath.

Recorded by TopMed Talks

Professor Tim Cook
Consultant in Anaesthesia and ICM, Royal United Hospitals, Bath

Professor Tim Cook is Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at Royal United Hospitals NHS Trust, Bath and Honorary Professor of Anaesthesia at the University of Bristol. As the College Advisor on Airway and Director of National Audit Projects he has led two RCoA National Audit Projects (NAP3 on epidurals/spinal anaesthesia and NAP4 on airway management) shining a light on major aspects of anaesthetic practice and changing practice. He also played a role in NAP5 studying accidental awareness during general anaesthesia. Tim has an overall interest in improving safety and quality in anaesthesia and intensive care using a bottom up approach. He was awarded the RCoA Macintosh Professorship 2012-13, the Difficult Airway Society Professorship 2014, as well as several other prizes.

Dr Joff Lacey
St George's Hospital, London

Joff (Jonathan) Lacey is a registrar in anaesthesia at St George's Hospital in London, and is currently undertaking a fellowship in Perioperative medicine at UCLH