e-Learning Anaesthesia - Introduction to critical care

The ICU record 

Basic monitoring 

Handover and the ward round 

Basic Care bundles 


Stress ulceration 

Principles of Nutrition in the Critically ill 

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 

Drugs in critical care 



Neuromuscular blockers 

Management of Delirium 

Fluid therapy 


Introduction to microbiology in ICU 

Nosocomial infections 

Principles of antibiotic use and antimicrobial therapy for common infections 

Antibiotic stewardship in critical care 


Common electrolyte disorders - Na 

Common electrolyte disorders - K, Mg, PO4 

Haematological investigation interpretation and management 

ABG interpretation: metabolic 

An alternative approach to acid-base abnormalities in critically ill patients 

Pulmonary function test interpretation 

ECG 1 

ECG 11 

ECG 111 

Advanced monitoring 

CVP monitoring 

Venous blood gases analysis 

Cardiac output Monitoring 

Echocardiography in intensive care 


Central Venous Access: indications, sites and complications 

Central Venous Access: Techniques 

Arterial line: indications, insertion, complications 

Nasogastric insertion 

Catheter Insertion 

Bronchoscopy in critical care 

Seldinger chest drain 

surgical chest drain 

Radiography for Intensive Care 

Plain X-rays of the Adult chest: The Normal Chest Radiograph 

Plain X-rays of the Adult chest: Airspace Opacification 

Plain X-rays of the Adult chest: Interstitial Lung Disease 

Plain X-rays of the Adult chest: Pleural Conditions and Diseases

Plain X-rays of the Adult chest: Emergency, Lines and Instrumentation 

The abdominal X-ray