Dr Roger Bryce-Smith

Personal Details 

Dr Roger Bryce-Smith FFARCS MRCS LRCP DA

29/08/1918 to 24/03/2006

Place of birth: Wednesbury, Staffs, England

Nationality: British

CRN: 495127


Education and qualifications

General education

Oxford University                                                               

Primary medical qualification(s)

BM BCh Oxford, 1942

Initial Fellowship and type

FFARCS by Election

Year of Fellowship


Other qualification(s)

MA Oxford 1943; DA RCS&P (Eng) 1947; DM Oxford 1955


Professional life and career

Postgraduate career

1942 - 3   House Surgeon, Banbury, Oxfordshire

1943 - 47  RAMC:   Major

1947 (March – September) Resident Anaesthetist London Hospital

1947 (November) – 1948 (September) Registrar Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford

1948 – 1957 First Assistant Nuffield Department of Anaesthesia

1951 – 1952 Assistant Professor Western Reserve University,   Ohio

1959 (September – October) Visiting lecturer South African Medical Association

1957 – 1978  Consultant Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford

1954 – 1967  Clinical Lecturer, University of Oxford

1967 – 1978  Lecturer University of Oxford


Professional interests and activities

Bryce-Smith was co-author of six books. Most notable were: with G Ostlere ‘Anaesthesia for Medical Students’ 3rd to 9th editions; with RR Macintosh ‘Local Analgesia: Abdominal Surgery’ (1953 & 2nd edn. 1962); with E H Seward ‘Inhalation Analgesia in Childbirth’ (1957); with JA Lee ‘Practical regional analgesia’ (1976).   
He also published several papers on local analgesia, eclampsia, double lumen endobronchial intubation, and draw over vaporisers for ether and halothane.

1961 - 1966 Examiner Final FFA
1951 - 1960 Course Tutor
Editor of journal Anaesthesia 1964 - 71
Secretary to Section of Anaesthetics, RSM 1967-8
President of Section of Anaesthetics, RSM 1975-76
President, South Western Society of Anaesthetists  1970.

He was awarded the Pask Certificate of Honour (AAGBI) in 1977.   

Other biographical information

1985 – 1988   Parochial Church Council
1985                Parish Councillor
1983                Vice Chair Wootton Community Centre

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Author and Sources

Author: Michael E. Ward