Dr John Victor Innes Young

Personal Details

Dr John Victor Innes Young MBBS FFARCS DA

12/09/1927 to 17/07/1987

Place of birth: Twickenham, London

Nationality: British

Post nominals:

CRN: 728865

Education and qualifications

General education

Christ’s Hospital School, West Sussex; London Hospital Medical School

Primary medical qualification(s)

MBBS, London, 1951

Initial Fellowship and type

FFARCS by Examination

Year of Fellowship


Other qualification(s)

DA(RCP&S), 1955

Professional life and career

Postgraduate career

Pre-registration posts were at The London (surgery) and Brighton General (medicine) Hospitals, after which he started his anaesthetic career at the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby before spending two years (1951-3) as a junior specialist anaesthetist with the RAMC in Germany. Subsequently, he was registrar at Clatterbridge (Liverpool), Poplar & The London Chest Hospitals, returning to The London in 1959 as registrar then senior registrar. He was appointed a consultant there in 1961, holding that post for 25 years, and also working at Sydenham Children’s & St Mark’s Hospitals at times.

Professional interests and activities

His primary clinical interests were in anaesthesia for neurosurgery, but extended to dentistry and orthopaedics, although his major focus was mechanical devices, with any new item of equipment undergoing a searching examination. He was responsible for the design of a vapouriser for closed circuit anaesthesia that was manufactured by BOC as the ‘Halox’ (for halothane although it could be used with any volatile agent). He also devised his own circle system with a gas ‘circulator’ adapted from a portable suction apparatus, but this was a ‘one-off’. He made major contributions to the teaching of trainees, helping the department to become one of the best in the hospital, but he avoided administrative positions, probably to avoid implementing decisions which he did not think were right. He was an outstanding member of his hosital’s staff, a teacher, technician and friend who was always ready to help. He inspired a great deal of affection and was viewed as an eccentric, not because of any self-conscious deviation, but because of his independent and critical outlook. He was an examiner for the final fellowship examination from 1982 until his death.

Other biographical information

An earlier interest was attending auctions, but later he became a talented painter in water colours, also enjoying classical music and literature. He was married to Pauline, and they had two sons and two daughters.


Author and Sources

Author: Dr PJ O’Shea FRCA & Mr TT King FRCS

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