Dr George Harold Ellis

Personal Details

Dr George Harold Ellis FFARCS MRCS LRCP DA 

Known as: George

10/03/1908 to 04/05/1998

Place of birth: Auckland, New Zealand

Nationality: New Zealand

CRN: 500005

Education and qualifications

General education

1922-25 Bradfield College, Berkshire

Primary medical qualification(s)

1938 MRCS LRCP (having started at Barts Medical School in 1925!) St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Conjoint Board

Initial Fellowship and type

FFARCS by Election

Year of Fellowship


Other qualification(s)

DA 1939


Professional life and career

Postgraduate career

1940 Senior Resident Anaesthetist, St Bartholomew’s Hospital.
1939-46 Major RAMC promoted to Lt Colonel by end of war.
1946 Adviser in Anaesthesia, India Command.
1947-49 Anaesthetist Harefield Thoracic Unit and Gordon Hospital.
1949-73 Consultant Anaesthetist, St Bartholomew’s Hospital.
1974-89 Specialist Anaesthetist, Government of Brunei, North Borneo.

Professional interests and activities

Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine.
Member of AAGBI.
1956-62 Warden of St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College.
1965-73 Honorary Editor, RSM.
1965-68 Chairman, Organising Committee, 4th World Congress of Anaesthesiology (WFSA) in London.
1969-71 Council Member, AAGBI.
1977 Pask Certificate of Honour, AAGBI.

Other biographical information

Single; amazing raconteur.
Music lover with a personal box at the Royal Albert Hall.
Keen swimmer using pool of the Royal Automobile Club, where he lived, daily.
Excellent cook, especially of curries.
Lover of good cigars and fine food.
Wine expert, Chairman Medical College Wine Committee for 30 years.
Fast car enthusiast driving Rolls Royces, Jensens, BMWs, Lotuses and Porsche (the latter a present from Sultan of Brunei).
1973 Chairman, Organising Committee, St Bartholomew’s Hospital 850th Anniversary.

Author and sources


David Wilkinson

Sources and comments:

Wilkinson D. Obituary George Harold Ellis. British Medical Journal 1999; 2: 1373
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