Dr Arthur Ivor Parry Brown

Personal Details 

Dr Arthur Ivor Parry Brown MBBS FFARCS MRCS LRCP DA

23/07/1908 to 15/11/2007

Place of birth: Lewisham, London

Nationality: British

CRN: 494896

Also known as: Parry

Education and qualifications

General education

School unknown; London Hospital Medical College

Primary medical qualification(s)


Initial Fellowship and type

FFARCS by Election

Year of Fellowship


Other qualification(s)

MBBS, London, 1933; DA(RCP&S), 1935 – very first sitting

Professional life and career

Postgraduate career

After early resident posts at The London (e.g. house surgeon, resident casualty officer) Brown was sequentially resident anaesthetist (1935), assistant anaesthetist (1936), and consulting anaesthetist (1952) there, holding the latter appointment until he retired in 1973. He also worked at the National Heart and Brompton Hospitals from 1955, and the Royal Masonic from 1960.

Professional interests and activities

Beginning his career using ether and a Schimmelbusch mask (a technique he demonstrated on his retirement!), Parry Brown was one of the UK pioneers of anaesthesia for thoracic surgery, starting long before the introduction of invasive monitoring and artificial ventilators. He is best known for the eponymous position in which patients were placed prone to minimise soiling of the contralateral lung (Thorax 1948; 3: 161-5). Before the introduction of pharmacological preparation he was also an exponent of induction with rectal bromethol in patients undergoing surgery for thyrotoxicosis, then continuing anaesthesia with a facemask, a stressful challenge to trainees with small hands! He contributed much to the organisations of the specialty: FARCS board member (from 1956), Fellowship examiner (1965-70); RSM Section president (1972-3).

Other biographical information

Married Joyce Marion Bash in 1939 and they had four children.

Author and Sources

Author: Dr Ian Barker

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