Selection and appointment of FRCA examiners regulations

Published: 31/07/2019

5. Appointment of Final Examiners

5.1 Final FRCA examiners shall normally be appointed from the Board of Primary Examiners.

5.2 Before the meeting to appoint new examiners the Chair of the Primary and Final Board of Examiners will announce which examiners intend to retire and which examiners wish to extend their term of examinership (subject to ETE Board approval) at the end of the current academic year. This will give an indication on how many examiners are required in each board to bring them up to strength for the next academic year. The Examinations Committee shall then select, either from volunteers or others, sufficient examiners to bring the Board of Final Examiners up to strength and how many new examiners need to be recruited to the Primary Board.