Primary and Final FRCA examinations (reviews and appeal) regulations

Published: 29/07/2019



All marks are awarded following strict guidelines (Appendix 2 – Primary and Final FRCA Examination Regulations refers). Papers cannot be remarked, marks confirmed by the Examination Boards are final. However, if, following the outcome of a Review or Appeal, bias or impropriety is agreed to have been proven - then the Review or Appeal body will take such action to rectify the situation identified.


Prior to the confirmation of results all examination papers undergo a number of approved and thorough checking procedures. All marks are verified by the appropriate Board of Examiners or Core Group. A candidate who remains dissatisfied with the determination of his/her result but is not alleging any impropriety or bias, may, after receipt of his/her official result letter, request an additional calculation of his/her result. Re-calculation will incur a £50 administration charge. The administration charge will be refunded where an error is identified. Applicants should be fully aware that errors found during additional calculation are extremely rare and marks could be deducted if additional marks were added in error. Re- calculation requests must be made:
a) within one month of release of result date.
b) in writing to the Head of Examinations.