Primary and Final FRCA examinations (reviews and appeal) regulations

Published: 29/07/2019



The words and phrases in the left hand column below shall have the meanings assigned to them in the right hand column.

Appeal Has the meaning assigned to it in Regulation 14 of these Regulations.
Appeals Clerk A member of the College staff with responsibility for administering Examination Appeals.
Complaint Has the meaning attached to it in Regulation 21 of these Regulations.
Director The Education, Training and Examinations Director of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.
Examiners The Board of Examiners for the part of the examination to which a representation or appeal relates, or the Chairman of that Board or any member of that Board designated by the Chairman.
Panel An Appeal Panel set up in accordance with Regulation 16.
Re-calculation Has the meaning attached to it in Regulation 5 of these Regulations.
Review Has the meaning attached to it in Regulation 8 of these Regulations.


The Royal College of Anaesthetists (the College) is committed to ensuring that all examination candidates are treated fairly and consistently during FRCA Examinations. These Regulations allow candidates to request a Review of the conduct of their examination where they believe they may have been treated unfairly, and allege impropriety or bias of some kind. Any decision regarding the request for a Review is made by the Director. Candidates who remain dissatisfied with the Director’s decision and wish to have their case heard by an independent panel may request an Appeal. The procedures that should be followed regarding Appeals and Reviews, including re-calculation and subject access requests in regard to examinations are set out on the following page.