Novice Guide

Published: 20/08/2019

Register with the College

Congratulations on your appointment to a Core Training post in Anaesthetics.

You need to enrol with the College as an anaesthetist in training, so that we can record all the details of your training programme and in due course assess your completion date. As a registered trainee you will regularly receive the British Journal of Anaesthesia (monthly), the College Bulletin, and the CEACCP journal (bi-monthly).

To view the Core Trainee Registration form click here.

In addition, registration is required in order to gain access to the RCoA Lifelong Learning platform (LLp), which is a web-based system that allows trainees to manage their training progress. Once membership is confirmed, an LLp account will be automatically created for you and your login details will be sent to the email address that you have provided on your registration form.

Supporting information and guidance can be found on the College website here