CCT in Anaesthetics - Intermediate Level Training

Published: 29/09/2020

FRCA exam syllabus

The Primary FRCA examinations are aligned to the core level training curriculum which also includes Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) (Annex F). The questions used in the Primary exams are therefore referenced to the relevant competencies of this curriculum. The Final FRCA examination content can be drawn from the core level training curriculum and the  intermediate level training curriculum including ICM (Annex F).

Training competencies used in examination questions, are identified by the letter 'E' in the assessment column of the relevant curriculum. The curriculum competencies marked 'E' therefore make up the examination syllabus.

All questions used in FRCA examinations are mapped to the relevant competencies within their respective curriculum. The relevant curriculum competency identifiers are mapped to each questions so that when examiner core groups select questions for examination papers, the examiners are able to ensure a broad sampling of the curriculum and that all questions  form part of the relevant syllabus.

Candidates sitting the Primary and Final FRCA Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) exams are provided with comprehensive breakdown of their question performance against the areas of the curriculum tested in the exam. This allows trainees and trainers to identify shortfalls of knowledge in the relevant areas of the exam syllabus, so that focussed preparation can be put in place prior to the next attempt. Where a pass result is achieved, it will provide trainees with important information on which to base further continuing professional development.   

Curriculums syllabuses and regulations are subject to change by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the College.  The College is currently working with the GMC to agree a new High Level Outcome (HLO) anaesthetic curriculum and a standalone exams syllabus, further information will follow in early 2020.