Step 2: Appointing MTI doctors

Step 2: Appointing MTI doctors

Full details about how to appoint International Medical Graduates as MTI doctors

Once the College has approved your posts for MTI, there are two routes available to appoint MTI doctors.

Route 1:  Source own MTI candidate

It is most common for Trusts to advertise their MTI posts through their usual channels and appoint their selected candidates following interviews. Once you have identified a candidate(s) that you which to appoint, please do contact the Global Partnerships department.

Route 2:  MTI Matching Scheme

We have a pool of International Medical Graduates (IMG) who have approached us expressing an interest in the MTI scheme. We can therefore send you the CVs of these doctors, and you can choose to interview these individuals if you think they are suitable.

Please be advised that an initial assessment of eligibility is undertaken but not all paperwork has been received.  This is because some of the documents are limited for a set period of time, and collecting these too early will mean they are invalid by the time an application is complete.  

Interviewing candidates

We believe that as MTI doctors will be employed by the Trust, you are best placed to interview them and determine whether they would be suitable for your MTI position. Owing to issues of geography, these will most likely be conducted online using the appropriate video software available to you. In order to identify the candidate, telephone interviews are prohibited. Whilst this method of interviewing might be different from other recruitment processes within the trust, it is important that all interviews are conducted in a fair and equitable manner and they should follow a structured format. It is recommended they include the following:

  • a specialty-specific communication scenario
  • a specialty-specific clinical scenario
  • assessment of professionalism and values
  • a review of the candidate's skills and experience, what role they are seeking in the UK and what they are hoping to gain from their experience in the UK

All members of the interview panel should have completed equality and diversity training. For audit purposes, accurate notes must be kept of the interview.

Successful MTI candidates and payment of Trust Fee

Once a successful IMG applicant has been selected for the MTI scheme, they should be given confirmation of the offer of employment including the salary. We will then need you to contact us and provide their contact details, CV and offer of employment letter. At that stage, we will carry out an initial check of the doctor’s eligibility for the scheme, and if deemed eligible, revert back to you to request that the payment of £1,380 be made. We will be unable to progress with the doctor’s application until confirmation of payment has been received by our Finance department. Please be aware that If for any reason the MTI doctor withdraws their application, we will offer a refund to you, or use the payment to cover a replacement doctor, depending on what you would prefer.

We will then make contact with the doctor and request their application and supporting documents to ensure that they are eligible for the scheme, assessing them against our eligibility criteria.

Once all of the supporting documentation is received, and the doctor is approved by our MTI Leadership group, we will advise them to begin their application for GMC registration. Once this process is started, they will be issued with a reference number which they forward to us, so that we can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for their GMC registration. The GMC will process this and then invite them to attend an identity check when the doctor arrives in the UK, at which point registration will be confirmed.

Applying for Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for the Tier 5 visa

When the GMC have confirmed that they have accepted the application, it is time for the Hospital HR department to apply for the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for the Tier 5 visa from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC).  The MTI Application form can be downloaded here and should be completed in full and returned to the Academy. 

Once the application has been processed, the AoMRC will send across the CoS to Global Partnerships where we will then send to the MTI doctor, who can then use this to apply for their Tier 5 visa. 

If you have any queries or require further information please contact us via or call us on +44 (0)207 092 1559