The Anaesthetic Impact Calculator

Anaesthetic Impact Calculator

In anaesthesia, a mobile app has been developed by Dr Tom Pierce, Environmental Advisor to the President, to help clinicians understand the impact of regularly used gases (including sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane). The Anaesthetic Impact Calculator allows clinicians to calculate and compare the CO2e of inhaled anaesthesia agents and carrier gases.

The Anaesthetic Impact Calculator app is available free in both iOS and Android versions. The instructions for use are on the Help page. The current iteration has been modified to calculate the CO2e of volatile anaesthesia when ETcontrol is being used in conjunction with an Aladin Cassette.

The calculator is badged with the Association of Anaesthetists.

  • This Excel spread sheet combines the nitrous oxide and Entonox cylinder return data with pharmacy issue of volatile agents to produce a the CO2e of an institution’s or department’s Scope 1 anaesthetic gas emissions.
  • Cylinder return data can be obtained from the medical gas supplier at no cost.
  • The required input data are in column F.
  • In cells F2 to F5 enter the number of used nitrous oxide cylinders returned to the medical gas supplier.
  • In cells F7 to F16 enter the number of used nitrous oxide/oxygen cylinders returned to the medical gas supplier.
  • In cells F19 to F21 enter the number of bottles of volatile agent issued from your pharmacy.
  • The total is displayed in cell L12 but this excludes that used for cryotherapy (size F).