Northern Irish Board

Northern Irish Board

The Northern Irish Board acts as the link between College fellows and members in the province and the College. It also represents anaesthetists within the wider Northern Ireland health and social care structure, including liaising with fellow Royal Colleges and senior decision makers.

Dr Will Donaldson

"We meet twice a year, with the board providing an important link between the College and RCoA fellows and members based in Northern Ireland."

The Board consists of elected Consultant, SAS and trainee representatives, along with regional advisors, a lay committee representative and various co-opted members. It is attended by the President or a deputising Vice President and a member of the College’s senior management team. Guest speakers from relevant healthcare work streams join some meetings.

The Northern Irish Board's regular newsletter will keep you informed of current activities. If you have any related topics for future newsletter please contribute your ideas by emailing the Chair.

Minutes from the past two Northern Irish Board meetings can be found below:

You can find the most recent Northern Irish Newsletter below