Benefits of PPI for Researchers

The benefits of Patient and Public Involvement are well described by INVOLVE, a national advisory group set up as part of the NIHR to support active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research. It is one of the few government funded programmes of its kind in the world.


  • Demonstrates to funders and commissioners that the topic is important and relevant to end users of research and that they have been involved in the design of the research
  • Identifies areas that might have ethical considerations and can advise on solutions
  • Suggests ways that people can be meaningfully involved in the various stages of research
  • Can help with recruitment and informed consent

Please click here to access INVOLVE's Evidence Library. This includes references and abstracts of reports and articles that cover:

  • The impact of public involvement on research
  • The nature and extent of public involvement in research, for example mapping public involvement reflections on public involvement in research

As our expertise and resources grow, we hope to be able to offer a more active role in clinical research, ensuring that research meets the needs and priorities of patients and results in improvements to practice in healthcare. This may be through identifying and prioritising research topics or being part of research advisory and steering groups.