ACSA accreditation for Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals

Published: 05/12/2023

Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals have been accredited under the prestigious Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) Anaesthesia Clinical Services Accreditation (ACSA) demonstrating their commitment to patient safety and excellence of care.  

ACSA is the RCoA’s peer-reviewed scheme that promotes quality improvement and the highest standards of anaesthetic service. To receive accreditation, departments are expected to demonstrate high standards in areas such as patient experience, patient safety and clinical leadership. 

ACSA lead reviewer, Dr Seema Quasim said: 

“I would like to congratulate the Anaesthetic Department of Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals on achieving ACSA accreditation. The department has successfully overcome the significant geographical challenges posed by sites which are separated by some distance. They have been supported by colleagues at York Hospitals (separately accredited previously) and they are clearly  working together to ensure safe care is delivered across the region, and inter-departmental relationships have been strengthened by cross-site lead appointments in some areas. They should be proud of the strong patient focus they provide and the review team were impressed with their day case facilities and pathways. The department has engaged well with the ACSA process and this has led to better data to guide quality improvement and to guide service provision. All staff feel well supported in this friendly department and I believe they will continue to build on their successes, as they move towards re-accreditation in the future”

ACSA lay reviewer, Mr John Hitchman, also commented:

“Anaesthetic departments in smaller hospitals face specific challenges when it comes to complying with the requirements of an ACSA review. Scarborough and Bridlington have risen to the challenges and provided patients with a quality of Day Surgery that some larger hospitals struggle to equal.  Excellent examples of the friendly and caring offering that patients can expect here include:

  • A regular and well documented follow up of day surgery patients postoperatively.
  • A well thought out journey for orthopaedic day surgery patients in a very pleasant environment at Bridlington.
  • The very high level of facilities and comfort for day surgery patients in Haldane Ward at Scarborough”

Dr Andrzej Sladkowski, Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals, said:  

“The ACSA process has been very rewarding. The department has shown a lot of resilience and perseverance especially during the COVID period and I have found that we have consolidated as a team through working together to fulfil all ACSA requirements. It showed that we were underestimating ourselves and by fulfilling the ACSA conditions we have strengthened our team morale and spirit. It has also brought together the wider crew including directorate managers, clinical leads, theatre and recovery staff and also intensive care colleagues. Achieving ACSA  accreditation makes our anaesthetic department safer  and shows that our work is patient centred and promotes staff wellbeing and education. We are very proud to be ACSA accredited.”

Dr Fiona Donald President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, said:  

“I would like to offer my personal congratulations to the entire anaesthetic department on achieving ACSA accreditation. It is very impressive to see the commitment and approach of the whole department to sustaining their standards. They have demonstrated their ability and passion for providing the best possible care for their patients. 

“Patient safety is at the heart of what we do as a Medical Royal College. The quality improvement demonstrated during the accreditation process has helped the department manage the immense tasks presented to them by COVID-19 and the resumption of normal services.    

“It was impressive to see the innovative practices taking place at the hospital, and the excellent commitment from all staff during the process. As well as meeting the standards, the department demonstrated many areas of excellent advanced practice that have now been highlighted for sharing through the ACSA network.”