Help for New User and Trainees

We are currently creating a range of written and video resources to assist New User and Trainees with using the Lifelong Learning Platform.

Please revisit this page regularly, as we will be adding new and updated content.


Common queries for New Trainees (User)

New user and Trainees can make changes to their email address, hospital, and position by clicking on their name (see image), click on the Edit details button and make the changes, then click on save.

To change your position, and user role, please fill out the form here accordingly and the LLP team will make the changes for you.

To change deanery, and school details, please fill out the form here accordingly and the LLP team will make the changes for you. 

You are seeing this error message because you have not updated your Current Placement "Stage" to reflect the fact you are now on the new curriculum (example: Stage 1 as opposed to Core or ACCS Stage 1 as opposed to ACCS etc.). 

To correct this, please follow the steps below; 

  1. Navigate to the bottom of your LLP Dashboard until you reach the Current placement and profile section. 

  1. Then click on the View and add placements button, followed by the Edit Placement button when the next screen opens. 

  1. On the Edit Placement screen, scroll down to the Stage section and select the correct stage for the curriculum you are currently assigned. 

  1. We also recommend you check and change all your other placement parameters where needed. 

This is a known issue and can occur whenever you make a curriculum or placement change on the LLP. Fortunately, there is a simple way to resolve this. 

To fix, go into your current placement and first make sure you have the correct stage set for your current placement.

If you already have the correct stage set for your current placement, you will still need to click on edit and resave your Current Placement to fix the issue - even without any changes. 

Once you have done this, your donut will update automatically and correctly. 

This is because the person you are trying to add as a "Guest assessor" already has an account registered on the LLP, which is using the same email address. However, that person does not have the role of "Assessor" assigned to their LLP profile, so you can't currently add them as a normal "Assessor".

Please send an email to  with their name and GMC number to request that an 'Assessor' role be added to their LLP account. 

Please note that the Assessor will be copied in our response to your email. 

Your Educational Supervisor details will be pulled in from your current placement when you click 'Send to Educational Supervisor'. Please ensure that you have got the correct Educational Supervisor selected in your Placement section of the LLP. 

Please note you will have to select your College Tutor on the ESSR as this information is not pulled in from your Placement information. 


The ESSR will only pull in Form R that falls within the start date and end date. 

For example, if the ESSR runs from 01/08/2021 to 02/08/2022 then the Form R would need to have a start date of 02/08/2021 and an end date before 01/08/2022.

To download your portfolio on the LLP, click on your name at the top of the page. When your personal details page opens up, scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Generate' portfolio’.

Wait for your portfolio to be generated. You will need to install 7-Zip extractor found here

Once 7-Zip is installed, please go back to the downloaded portfolio and right click on the folder, scroll to 7-Zip and select 'Extract files' . Choose your preferred location for the extracted files to be saved and click 'ok'. The new folder will contain your portfolio in PDF format. 

Click here to watch a video demonstration.

LLP - Lifelong Learning Platform 

ACCS - Acute Care Common Stem 

A-CEX - Anaesthesia Clinical Evaluation Exercise 

ALMAT - Anaesthesia List Management Assessment Tool

ARCP - Annual Review of Competence Progression 

A-QIPAT - Anaesthesia Quality Improvement Project Assessment Tool

CBD - Case Based Discussion 

CCT - Certificate of Completion of Training  

CPD - Continuing Professional Development 

CUT - Completion of Unit of Training form  

DOPS - Direct Observation for Procedural Skills 

ESSR - Educational Supervisors Structured Report 

FEG - Faculty Educational Governance 

FICM - Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine 

FPM – Faculty of Pain Medicine 

HALO - Holistic Assessment of Learning Outcomes 

LTFT - Less than Full-time training 

MCR - Multi-Consultant Report 

MSF - Multi-source Feedback 

MTR - Multi-Trainer Report 

MTRF - Multi-Trainer Report Feedback 

OOPT - Out of Program Training 

SAS - Staff and Associate Specialists 

SLE - Supervised Learning Events 

Triple C - Capability Cluster Completion