Exam general information

Guide to sitting the OSCE and SOE in person at the RCoA

Getting to Churchill House: Map and Directions 

Dress Code:  The same dress code for day-to-day clinical practice/contact with patients applies to the FRCA examination e.g. suit and tie.  The form of dress should not constrain a candidate’s ability to demonstrate recognised skills including effective communication with simulated patients or examiners. There is no requirement to wear clinical/theatre clothing during any of the examinations.

Candidates are requested not to wear forms of dress that cover the face to ensure easy verification of the candidate’s identity.

Water bottles: Help us to reduce the use of single-use plastic in the College by bringing a water bottle to your exam. Water bottles may be taken onto the OSCE and SOE exam floors and refilled at points around the College.  

Attendance. Please arrive at the Royal College of Anaesthetists at least 30 minutes before the first call time on your Admission Notice. Please note that the earliest time you will be admitted to the College is 07.30.  

On arrival at the College. Please report to the reception desk and present your Admission Notice and ID. You will be given clear instructions on when and where to report for each examination component. We will issue you with a label bearing your candidate number. Your candidate number must be visible at all times when you are in the College. You must sign in and out at reception when leaving/returning throughout the day.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices. Switch off your phone and store in secure locker/luggage for duration of time in College.  Under no circumstances should mobile phones or smart watches be taken to the exam floor. Candidates will be disqualified if phones or smart watches are found on their person once they have entered the exam floor.

Changes: We do not envisage making changes to exam dates and times set out in admission notices but if there is a ‘National Emergency Situation’ that is likely to affect a majority of College examiners or candidates, there may be a need to implement a contingency plan to deal with the situation.  If this happens and there is sufficient time available to us, we will inform you personally. In the unlikely event of this happening at short notice, then an urgent announcement will be published on the College website – homepage (www.rcoa.ac.uk).

COVID-19 and your safety - guidelines for candidates

  • We encourage candidates, examiners and College staff to wear a face covering on the exam floors and around the building. If you forget to bring a mask and wish to wear one, please ask at the College reception, who will have a small supply of disposable masks.  
  • You will not be required to carry out a lateral flow test before the exam but if symptomatic, please test before your exam. 
  • If you test positive leading up to your exam, you must not attend.
  • There will be suitable ventilation on the exam floors where possible.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the building.
  • You should be mindful of people’s personal space when attending the exam.