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Guide to the Final FRCA examination

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The Guide to the Final FRCA contains examples of Multiple True/False questions (MTF), Single Best Answer (SBA) questions and Constructed Response Questions (CRQ).

1.    There was an error in transposition of the answers to the sample CRQ on dementia.
In Question 2 part D on potential drug interactions the answer should read -
                      2. Risperidone - enhances risk of vasodilation and hypotension with anaesthetics.
                      3. Memantine - enhances side effects of anticholinergics and dopaminergic agonists.

2.    Question 3 part E:
This question was written some time ago and at the time, the answer of  PP = MAP -(CVP+ICP) was the correct answer.
See the following reference:
Cerebral physiology
Continuing Education in Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain, Volume 13, Issue 4, August 2013

However, changes have occurred since the question was written and the correct formula is:

Example Questions for the MCQ

12 examples of SBA questions can be found here.  

Further samples are available below: 
SBA Sample questions
MTF Sample questions

Example Questions for the CRQ

CRQ sample questions are available here. Please also refer to the Chairs report on the 2018 pilot exam.

Please note, CRQ questions will not be published after each exam.