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Published: 13/08/2019

e-Learning Anaesthesia

e-LA is a web-based resource which aims to deliver the knowledge and key concepts that underpin specialist training in Anaesthetics and the Anaesthetics curriculum. Accessible via e-Learning for Healthcare’s learning management system, which many anaesthetists in training will already have access to, the learning material has been divided up into well organised ‘bite-size’ lessons, which provide information in a format that complements existing learning resources and in theatre teaching. Anaesthetists in training can access the resources at any time and from any location. Activity reports can be produced for inclusion in your LLp. There are now over 800 e-Learning sessions available, as well as over 500 journal articles and 400 MCQ sessions.

The College does not mandate but strongly encourages anaesthetists in training to use e-LA. As a learning resource it is ideally suited to self-paced, self-directed learning, as part of a blended learning programme, incorporating teaching in the workplace and locally delivered tutorials.

The project contains 5 clinical, 1 exam preparation and 1 basic science module at the level expected in the Primary FRCA examination as follows:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to clinical anaesthesia
  • Module 2 – Consolidating basic clinical practice
  • Module 3 – Introduction to intensive care medicine
  • Module 4 – Obstetric, paediatrics and anaesthesia in the elderly
  • Module 5 – Regional anaesthesia and pain medicine
  • Module 6 – Exam preparation
  • Module 7 – Basic science for the Primary FRCA

In addition to this, there are e-Library modules containing articles from the College’s CPD journal (CEACCP) and other publications aimed at trainees.

Interactive practice MCQ exams using questions from the College’s Primary and Final FRCA bank of questions are also available.

Further up to date information about the project can be found on the College website here

How to Access e-Learning Anaesthesia

e-Learning Anaesthesia is available through e-Learning for Healthcare’s Hub (e-LfH Hub).

Most anaesthetists in training who have come through the Foundation Programme will already have access to the e-LfH Hub and have a username and password for the system.

The sessions from Module 1 in this guide are now accessed directly from the e-LfH Hub. Your activity is therefore automatically recorded as part of your learning history and available for inclusion in your training portfolio through the reporting options in the My Activity section of the e-LfH Hub..

The magenta button on the right will either say:
Enrol - if you have not previously added e-LA to your user profile or Log in - if you already have access to e-LA.

Select this button and enter your e-LfH Hub username and password after which you will be able to play the session. If you had not previously enrolled for access to e-LA, this process will automatically add it to your profile for future use. If you have recently accessed a session on the Hub either through this Guide or the Hub itself, the button will show Play and give you direct access to the session.

If you do not already have a username and password for the e-LfH Hub, you will need to register with e-LfH for access by following this link register.  Access to e-LA and all e-LfH programmes is free to anyone who works in the NHS.

e-LA Module 1: Introduction to clinical anaesthesia

All the sessions from e-LA Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Anaesthesia can be accessed via this mini-site.

The module contains 78 sessions organised into 7 major topics and 19 subtopics:

  • the Operating theatre environment
  • basic science for novice trainees
  • anaesthetic equipment for novice trainees
  • preoperative assessment and management
  • induction of anaesthesia and intraoperative management
  • postoperative management
  • critical Incidents and management of cardio/respiratory arrest.

This module was developed by experienced trainers and College Tutors to cover the knowledge and skills required by novices in the first 3 months of training whilst working up to the Initial Assessment of Competence (IAC).

The College strongly recommends that anaesthetists in training work through the sessions during their first 3 months in the training programme. Some individuals work through them sequentially, whereas others prefer to read those that are relevant to what they are learning in the workplace at specific times. There are no right or wrong ways. Self-paced, self-directed learning is encouraged.

To access the sessions hover the mouse pointer over the relevant topic in order to expand the relevant subtopic and sessions within it. You will be re-directed to the information page for the relevant session on the e-LfH Hub in a new window. You will either see an Enrol, Login or Play button from which you can access the session depending on whether you already have access to e-LA, need to login to ensure your activity is record or have recently logged in to another session.

Click on the link below to view a PDF of the sessions in the module. This document can be printed for use as a workbook allowing you to document which sessions you have completed. You can also email this to your smart phone and can access it via iBooks or similar applications.

Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Anaesthesia Workbook

 Please follow the link to access this module. You will then need to select view to see all the sessions.

e-LA Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Anaesthesia