Support and contacts

Here are details of support available with using the Lifelong Learning platform

We strongly advise you to first contact your Regional Lead before getting in touch with the College Lifelong Learning team. You can find their information below.

Regional Leads

Trainee Leads:  Dr Gen O’Farrell   Dr Tom Woodward

Trainer Leads:  Dr Tom Simpson   Dr Christina Laxton

Trainee Lead:  Dr Snehasish Guha

Trainer Lead:  Dr Munib Malik


Trainee Lead:  Dr David Brooks

Trainer Lead:  Dr Emily Simpson

Trainee Leads:  Dr Katrine Thorup   Dr Nat Duke

Trainer Lead:  Dr Sandeep Sudan

Trainee Lead:  Dr Yvonne Price

Trainer Lead:  Dr Adam Wantman

Trainee Lead:  Dr Jonathon Wong

Trainer Lead:  Dr Roger Cordery

Trainee Lead: Dr Claire Ruck

Trainer Lead:  Dr Ros Bacon

Trainee Lead:  Dr Emma-Jane Smith

Trainer Lead:  Dr Aiden Devlin

Trainee Lead:  Dr Richard Berwick

Trainer Lead:  Dr Geraint Briggs

Trainee Lead:  Dr David Pye

Trainer Leads:  Dr Ian Whitehead   Dr Chris Izod

Trainee Lead:  Dr Gareth Paul

Trainer Lead:  Dr Darrell Lowry

Trainee Lead:  Dr Keith Hodgson

Trainer Lead:  Dr Linzi Peacock

Trainee Lead:  Dr Andrew Laurie

Trainer Leads:  Dr Calum Mcdonald   Dr Colin Patterson   Dr Jenny Parsons 

Trainee Lead:  Dr Karen Pearson

Trainer Lead:  Dr Fiona Cameron

Trainee Lead:  Dr Joe Hawkins 

Trainer Leads:  Dr Scott Marshall  Dr Kevin Walker

Trainee Lead:  Dr Zac Jeffery

Trainer Lead:  Dr Emma Hartsilver

Trainee Lead:  Dr Jamie Strachan

Trainer Lead:

Trainee Lead:  Dr Daniel O'Donovan

Trainer Lead:  Dr Simon Ford

Trainee Lead:  Dr Rachael Ford

Trainer Lead:  Dr Mike Jackson

Trainee Lead:  Dr Daniel Eden

Trainer Lead:  Dr Catherine Brennan

Trainee Leads: Dr David Robinson  Dr Mohamed Elriedy

Trainer Leads: Dr John Dyer  Dr Chris De Klerk

Trainee Lead:  Dr Sarah Burgess

Trainer Lead:  Dr Martina Bieker

Trainee Leads:  Dr Chris Smales   

Trainer Lead:  Dr Ehsan Hossenbaccus

Trainee Lead:  Dr Omar Jundi

Trainer Lead:  Dr Ehsan Hossenbaccus

Trainee Lead:  Dr Susie Thoms

Trainer Lead:  Dr Ehsan Hossenbaccus

The Lifelong Learning platform support team at the College will help and guide you through any technical queries you may have.

For any other queries such as your appropriate Curriculum or training programme in general etc, please contact the College Training Team on 020 7092 1550 or email

You can reach the Lifelong Learning platform team via email or telephone. The working hours of the team are Monday to Friday 09:00 till 17:00 – excluding public holidays. 

To help process your query in a timely manner, please include your full name, GMC Number and the name of your School of Anaesthesia. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible although the response time will depend on the number of enquiries we currently have received.

Contact details 

RCoA users -

Tel: 020 7092 1556

FICM users -

Tel: 020 7092 1680

If you are a Dual (RCoA and FICM account user) please use the above contact details associated with the section you currently need help with.

Improving your Lifelong learning platform

We are continuously monitoring the Lifelong Learning platform to ensure that all of our users receive the best experience possible. As we continue to develop the platform, we will be fixing faults and identifying where improvements can be made. Our Regional Leads will be kept informed of all updates.

The College will listen and respond to your feedback in order to embed the new platform with improved functionality and user experience - please contact:

Release updates

We are currently reviewing how to notify updates made to the Lifelong Learning platform and will provide further information in due course.