Primary OSCE video series

The Primary FRCA examination ‘Run through’ videos – The OSCE

The Primary ‘Run through’ video series have been designed to guide an examinations candidate through the Primary exam. This page features videos that focus on the OSCE.

Videos are also available on the Primary SOE.  

The first video introduces the OSCE and SOE examinations and should give candidates a clear idea of what to expect from the time you arrive at the Royal College of Anaesthetists until the time you leave. This includes signing in at reception, where to leave your luggage, what to do between examination components and so on.

The second video takes a more focused look at the OSCE component of the exam. It explains call routines, exam briefing, the exam process and structure as well as providing a basic overview of the various question formats used in OSCE stations. 

The remaining videos on this page are a series of OSCE ‘spotlight’ videos. There are six videos in this series:  History, Communication, Physical examination, Technical Skills, Interactive Resuscitation, and Equipment check.  Each video provides advice on what a candidate should expect to find when they enter the station. The video then moves on to demonstrate satisfactory and non-satisfactory performance of a particular scenario and concludes with a reminder of the standard rules.  

Please note:

The ‘run through’ videos series is intended to give an example of the usual processes used and may not be truly reflective of every candidate’s experience at the Primary exams. Changes made to exam processes after May 2014 will not be covered in the run through videos.

Candidate resources are a consolidation of the various example questions, videos, courses and guides, any of which may guide a candidate in their preparation for the various FRCA examination components.