FRCA examinations update - changes due to COVID-19 - Webinar

Final SOE video 07 applied anatomy borderline

Final SOE video 01 introduction

Final SOE video 02 long case pass

Final SOE video 03 long case borderline

Final SOE video 04 short case pass

Final SOE video 05 short case borderline fail

Final SOE video 06 applied anatomy pass

Final SOE video 08 conclusion

Primary MCQ examination video

Primary run-through video 01 introduction

Primary run-through video 02 the OSCE

Primary run-through video 03 the SOE

Primary SOE video 01 introduction

Primary SOE video 02 clinical

Primary SOE video 03 physics

Primary SOE video 04 physiology

Primary SOE video 05 pharmacology

Primary SOE video 06 conclusion