Novice Guide

Published: 13/08/2019

About the guide

The Royal College of Anaesthetists Guide for Novice Trainees includes the majority of the documents and learning resources you will need to support the first 3-6 months of your training in Anaesthesia.

The guide has been designed to work as an offline website with all the resources on the memory stick itself. You can access the information pages and learning resources with any browser by selecting from the menu and sub-menu items on the left of the screen. Most learning resources will open in a new window. References may be made to additional resources on the web for which you will need internet access.

The main sections of the guide are as follows:

This includes an overview of the curriculum and details about attaining the Initial Assessment of Competence. This section also includes links to the curriculum and to learning resources mapped to each training unit. These resources are also available through the sections detailed below.

e-Learning Anaesthesia
This section contains information about the Royal College of Anaesthetists e-Learning Anaesthesia programme. It includes instructions on how to add e-LA to your profile if you already have an e-LfH account or register for access. We have updated the guide to give you direct access to the 82 e-Learning sessions in Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Anaesthesia from the e-LfH Hub. This module was specifically designed to cover the core knowledge and skills required by a novice in the first 3 months of training. Further information on how the sessions are accessed and how your activity is recorded is available in this section.

Getting started
This contains information from trainees and trainers about your role/responsibilities as a trainee as well as guidance about the training program and key milestones.

Other resources
This section contains links to clinical guidelines, emergency algorithms, information about keeping a logbook and other useful resources.

Help and support
This section includes guidance from the lead college tutor about how to get help and support if you experience difficulty at work or with any other issues that may affect your performance or training.