Patients and Relatives

These pages are designed to help patients and their relatives prepare for an anaesthetic, and to understand the benefits and risks of treatment. They were written with Patient Groups.

The Patient Liaison Group (PLG) is a key committee at the College which promotes communication between patients and anaesthesia professionals.

Patient News

15 Apr 2014
The BMA patient liaison group have produced a...
16 Dec 2013
06 Nov 2013
The NHS must radically overhaul the way it...
04 Jul 2013
The 5 July 2013 marks the 65th Anniversary of the...

Who are Anaesthetists and how do they train?
Find out about anaesthesia in general, and details of specific procedures and operations.
Information leaflets developed specifically for children who are having an anaesthetic
Pages specially written for teenagers to help prepare for an anaesthetic
An award-winning series of leaflets explaining some of the risks associated with having an anaesthetic
Patient Safety and the Safe Anaesthesia Liason Group (SALG)
How to complain about your treatment
The Patient Liaison Group (PLG) represents and gives voice to patients within all aspects of College work
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