Entrustable professional activities

The Initial Assessment of Competence (IAC) and Initial Assessment of Competence in Obstetric Anaesthesia (IACOA) continue to be summative assessments for the initial periods of training in Anaesthetics and obstetric anaesthesia, respectively. 

The previous list of workplace-based assessments has been replaced by the adoption of entrustable professional activities (EPAs) for the assessment of the IAC and IACOA.  Each EPA relates to a discrete area of clinical practice that an anaesthetist is trusted to perform as defined by the appropriate level of supervision when they have demonstrated sufficient competence.

During this training period, SLEs, personal activities, and personal reflection – as well as a Multiple Trainer Report – can be used by the anaesthetist in training to demonstrate their progress until they reach a point where they can be entrusted to carry out the activity with more distant supervision.

Workbooks for the EPAs can be downloaded below: