CPD Online Diary

With CPD functionality now moving into the Lifelong Learning platform we would encourage all CPD Learners to make use of the new and enhanced functionality and start using the new system as soon as possible. In addition, from 19 November 2019, CPD-accredited events will only appear in the Lifelong Learning platform.

To assist with transitional arrangements the former CPD Online Diary will remain available for use until the end of April 2020 and it can continue to be accessed via https://www.cpd.rcoa.ac.uk/login.

Please note that, as has been the case for the anaesthetists in training e-Portfolio, historic user records from the CPD Online Diary will not get migrated into the Lifelong Learning platform nor will the details of previously CPD-accredited events (prior to 19 November 2019). However, keeping the CPD Online Diary available until the end of April 2020 will assist users in downloading their documents which in many cases should be just the CPD activity report which will have been used as the appraisal evidence for revalidation.

A number of FAQs have been produced to assist with the transition of CPD into the Lifelong Learning platform. The documents below also provide further guidance on the enhancements which have developed and how to use the Framework of CPD Skills which is the replacement to the discontinued CPD Matrix.

Guidance series - New system enhancements

Guidance series - Using the Framework of CPD Skills