Browsealoud logo

Browsealoud is assistive technology software. The software adds speech and reading tools to make the College website (including PDF documents) more accessible to people with additional accessibility needs and those with mild visual impairments.

Specific features include:

  • text-to-speech with choice of reading speeds and highlighters to enhance reading comprehension
  • on-screen text magnifier helps users with visual impairments
  • MP3 generator converts text to audio files for offline listening
  • screen mask blocks on-screen clutter, letting readers focus on text being read
  • webpage simplifier removes ads and other distracting content for easier reading
  • Browsealoud can be customised to users’ own preference of colour, display and font size.

To access Browsealoud, click on the black and white headphone icon which can be found top right of each page. If a Cookie notice appears, click on the yes button to consent to the use of essential cookies in order for the software to work. You will then see the below toolbar with a set of icons showing the software features. Hover your cursor over each icon to see a short description of each one. You may also find the video below of use in explaining each of the features in more detail.

Browsealoud toolbar and features