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The Gas Newsletter is for all anaesthetists in training and is published in the spring, summer and winter. There is also a themed issue of the Bulletin each year, which includes articles for anaesthetists in training.

If you have feedback or would like to contribute an article of interest, please email

The College's Anaesthetists in Training Committee wants to hear about any issues you are experiencing during anaesthetic training, so please do contact us at:

The Gas Newsletter is written by anaesthetists in training for anaesthetists in training – any comments, questions, articles, news or ideas are always appreciated.

Submission guidelines

  • Articles should be emailed in Word to Please include your full name and title.
  • A colour headshot of each author must be submitted with the article. However, if there are three or more authors, only the main author's image will be included because of space limitations.
  • Articles should be 250 words in length (or a maximum of 400 words with the editor’s approval) including any references and/or further reading. Please try to include at least one high resolution photograph to illustrate the article. If you’re unable to include an image, please suggest the type of image that could be used so that the College can source one from its own library.
  • All images, including author photos, should be submitted in JPG format and be at least 150dpi in resolution (this means the file size should be around 1MB in size). We are unable to accept images, graphics or illustrations embedded within a Word file as the quality is just too poor. Please do not submit files in PNG format.
  • Tables should consist of simple text with no complex formatting. Each table, figure or graph must have a title. It would be preferable to submit the original Excel file for any charts and graphs so that they can be formatted to fit with the College style.
  • Please declare any conflict of interest when you submit the article.
  • Spell out all abbreviations and/or acronyms within the text.
  • The author should be listed first in any references, and journal titles should be abbreviated.
  • All articles will be sent to a professional proofreader prior to publication and will be amended to fit with the College’s Style Guide. Please note the College prefers ‘anaesthetist in training’ rather than ‘trainee’ so articles will be edited accordingly.
  • Each issue of The Gas Newsletter will be available to download from the College website.
  • The Editor reserves the right to edit articles for reasons of space or clarity.


  1. The author(s) confirm that if a patient or any other individual(s) can be identified in the article either in the text or by digital medium, then the written consent of such individual(s) is obtained and presented with the article.
  2. The author(s) confirm they have obtained written permission for the use of any copyrighted material.