Primary SOE/OSCE and Final SOE Examinations

All FRCA OSCE and SOE will be delivered as virtual examinations during this academic year on a newly purchased assessment platform, recently developed for the virtual delivery of clinical examinations.  

Exams will run as per the advertised dates however prioritisation of applications will apply. 

Further information on what candidates need to sit a virtual clinical exam, including system requirements, an online tutorial and a FAQ, will be added in September. 

Primary OSCE/SOE

The next sittings are w/c 02 November 2020 and 25 January 2021. Both sessions will run for 10 working days, however the number of candidate places available will vary across the two weeks. Candidates should book for the session and will be allocated an exam date during those 2 weeks. OSCE and SOE components may be sat on different days. Exam places during all Primary exam sessions in 20/21 will be prioritised. 

Final SOE

The next sitting of the Final SOE is w/c 7 December 2020. In addition to the June 2021 sitting, an extra exam week has been scheduled for w/c 22 February 2021.  Prioritisation will apply to all sittings.