Let's Talk

Join us live, at this free members only event,  to talk to College Council Members and staff about anything and everything to do with your membership

5 days left

Key details

Date: 5 December 2023 7.00 - 8.00pm

Location: Online, Zoom

Availability: Places available

Clinical content lead(s): Dr Fiona Donald

Come and talk to us.

We want to give you an ‘open mic’ to have a chat with us, ask anything about the College, your membership, or give your ideas for what we can do differently to support you better. Join Council Members and  College staff in a live conversation about anything and everything to do with your membership.

What is happening in your world? What are your frustrations, your triumphs, your ideas? What do you want the College to know so that we can make better decisions? What can we provide as part of your membership that will be most useful to you? What is your experience when contacting the College? 

If you would like to ask a question in advance or anonymously please email engage@rcoa.ac.uk

As well as being here for individuals, the Royal College of Anaesthetists is also a public voice for the specialties, working to make your voices heard around what matters to the profession and to you, which we can only do by listening to you.  

Come to one, or all, of our Let’s talk events. They are all different due to the member contributions and the direction the conversation takes us in.  

Let’s Talk is an event for members only, but if those present agree, we will record the session and make the video publicly available afterwards. 

Let's Talk  running order

 In order to give the meeting a structure, we will follow the suggested agenda below but the most important thing to us is to hear what you want to say, so please help us by considering the following:

  • Welcome  

  • What would you like to talk about?  

  • Do you have any questions you would like to put to us in advance.  You can do so by emailing:  engage@rcoa.ac.uk and if you would prefer we will keep your question anonymous.

  • Over to you 
    These sessions are live and you will be able to talk to our Council Members directly - please do come and engage with us.  You can have your camera on or off as you choose and also answer questions in the chat, if you would prefer not to speak live.