2021 Anaesthetics Curriculum: Guidance for ACCS anaesthetists in training and educational supervisors

Published: 17/11/2021

Assessment of generic professional domains of learning

Generic professional domains are present in both the ACCS and stage 1 Anaesthetics curricula and there are areas of shared capabilities across both curricula .

All ACCS generic professional LOs (9,10, and 11) should be completed by the end of ACCS CT2 year before progressing to Anaesthetics stage 1.

However, evidence during this period of training should also be linked to the relevant Anaesthetics generic professional domains.  ACCS LOs 9,10, and 11 correspond to the generic professional domains in 2021 Anaesthetics stage 1, as follows:

  • ACCS LO 9: Support, supervise and educate links to Education and Training
  • ACCS LO 10: Participate in research and managing data appropriately link to Research and Managing Data
  • ACCS LO11: Participate in and promote activity to improve the quality and safety of patient care link to Safety and Quality Improvement.

Individuals should continue to add evidence to the 2021 Anaesthetics generic professional domains in years CT3 and CT4. 

All Stage 1 Anaesthetics generic professional domains must be completed by the end of CT3 year.