COPES Devolved Nations

The College has developed a process by which it collaborates with other institutions on guidance, known as COPES (Co-authorship, Partnership, Endorsement and Support.)

In some instances, guidance documents, policies and statements will pertain solely to a devolved nation and therefore it might be decided that their review would fall within the remit of the RCoA Board for that devolved nation. This is with the exception of educational programmes and educational material, which will remain under the remit of the Council process. The process is outlined in the document below. Material endorsed through this process can bear the specific devolved nations RCoA logo.

To request endorsement or support for material which you feel pertains solely to a devolved nation, please contact the Board chair (contact details here) or  Please note the Board requires at least four weeks to assess guidance and provide a response, and we will therefore be unable to meet deadlines of less than four weeks from the time of request.