The College Medal

This is awarded to those who have made a clear and significant contribution to the College. This is normally related to a defined major project and is considered on successful completion or delivery of that project. There is no limitation to the number of medals awarded but it is unusual for more than one or two a year to be considered.

Dr Liam Brennan - College Medal

Dr Liam Brennan

College Medal Presentation February 2024

Previous awardees

Previous awardees

Name Presentation year
Liam Brennan 2024
Lucy Williams 2023
Kirstin May 2023
Nigel Penfold 2022
Hilary Swales 2022
Tom Gale 2022
Rupert Pearse 2022
David Whitaker 2022
Tom Pierce 2021
Tom Grinyer 2019
John Colvin 2019
Peter Venn 2018
Bob Darling 2018
David Wilkinson 2017
Julia Moore OBE 2017
Ian Geraghty MBE 2017
Ian Barker 2015
Lucy White 2015
Martin Bromiley 2015
Christopher Callander 2014
Fred Roberts 2014
Christopher Johnson 2012
Tom Clarke 2012
Andrew McIndoe 2010
Edward Hammond 2010
Chris Hull 2009
Gaynor Wybrow 2008
Neville Goodman 2008
Charles Hinds 2006
Charles Gillbe 2006