Honorary Fellowship

From 2018, the categories of Fellowship by Election and Honorary Fellowship have been combined into a single category; the Honorary Fellowship. The award of our Fellowship is considered for practitioners across the world who have made sustained and significant contributions to the practice of anaesthesia or relevant science, critical care medicine or pain medicine. This activity has to be at an internationally active level and normally sustained for at least ten years. Honorary Fellowships may be awarded to non-medically qualified practitioners such as scientists with a similar level of achievement and to members of the Royal Family or others who have furthered the work of the College in a sustained way.

Evidence through the Nominations Proposal Form should document this activity and the outcome of such work. Whilst there are no limits to the number of awards at this level it is unusual to award more than two or three a year.

Honorary fellowship

Previous Awardees

Name Presentation Year
Andrew Goddard  September 2021
Derek Alderson  September 2021
Helen Stokes-Lampard September 2021
Paul Dark September 2019
Kevin Carson September 2019
Tore Lærdal May 2018
William Kilvington May 2018
Joan Russell May 2017
Charlie McLaughlan May 2016
Bertie Leigh May 2016
Clive Hahn May 2016
Robert Francis QC May 2014
David Bowman May 2008
Kevin Storey March 2006
Sir Ian Kennedy May 2004
Sir Liam Donaldson December 2003

John Baird Glen

also known as Iain Glen

November 2002
Margaret Seward March 2001
Deidre Hine March 2001
Michael Rawlins June 2000
Archibald Brain March 2000
Lambertus Thijs October 1999
Michael Bond June 1999
Naren Patel December 1998
Richard Giordano June 1996
William Blunnie December 1998
Geoffrey de Deney June 1997
Alex Jarratt June 1996
William Mapleson June 1996
Peter Gadsden June 1994
John Nunn July 1993
Margaret Turner-Warwick December 1991
Terence English October 1991
Stanley Peart June 1991
HRH The Princess Royal November 1990
John Severinghaus June 1989
James Black March 1989
Geoffrey Slaney December 1986
Malcolm Macnaughton December 1986
William Bowman December 1984
Martin Holmdahl December 1982
Torsten Gordh December 1981
HRH Princess Alexandra December 1966
Edward Hill December 1961