The Gold Medal

This is our highest award to a Fellow of the College in recognition of sustained work for the College at the highest level. Examples would include work over decades to support anaesthesia, critical care or pain medicine at a national or international level. (This does not include activity delivered as a senior officer of the College or where such activity has been commissioned or rewarded in other ways). This medal is rarely awarded.

Gold Medal

Previous awardees

Name Presentation year
Tim Cook 2022
Rob Sneyd 2019
Julian Bion 2017
David Rowbotham 2017
Anna-Maria Rollin OBE 2015
Steven Shafer 2013
David Zideman LVO 2013
Rajinder Mirakhur 2011
Griselda Cooper OBE 2011
Tony Wildsmith 2008
David Saunders 2006
Peter Hutton 2006
Felicity Reynolds 2005
Jennie Hunter 2004
Graham Smith 2003
David Hatch 2003
Edmond Charlton 2003
Nick Franks 2003
Pierre Foëx 2002
Rosemary Macdonald 2002
Clive Hahn 2001
Tony Rubin 2001
Roger Dyson 2000
Joseph Stoddart 2000
Jerry Lambert 2000
Michael Halsey 2000
Morrell Lyons 1997
Margaret Branthwaite 1997
Ronald Samuel Jones 1996
William Fitch 1995
John Stanley M Zorab 1994
Charles Suckling 1992
Pradit Chareonthaitawee 1992
Peter Wentworth Thompson 1989
James Patrick Payne 1989
Thomas Babington Boulton unknown
John Francis Nunn unknown
Sir Keith Sykes unknown
Barbara Mabel Weaver unknown
Cyril Frederick Scurr unknown
Teresa R Cramond (nee Brophie) 1982 (TBC)
William Wellesley Mapleson unknown
Leslie Wilfred Hall unknown