The Rank Lectureship

The Rank Fund is intended to pay for overseas lecturers to speak at major College meetings and visit other parts of the country to give formal lectures, undertake informal teaching and/or to discuss research visits. Visits normally last at least a week and include visits to at least three centres. Lectureships are not awarded every year. It is helpful but not essential if proposals include suggestions for hosting and visits to other centres

The RAnk Lectureship

Previous awardees

Name Presentation year
Jennifer Weller 2018
Matthew Chan 2016
John Eichhorn 2015
Peter Cameron 2014
Paul Myles 2013
Gernot Marx 2012
Clifford Woolf 2009
Steven Shafer 2008
M Jones and Randall Curtis 2005
Mark Schumacher 2004
Lee Fleisher 2003
Simon Finfer 2002