The Dudley Buxton Prize

An endowed trust fund was established in 1967 to provide an annual award of a prize for ‘meritorious work in anaesthesia or in a science contributing to the progress of anaesthesia.’ The prize consists of a bronze medal.

The Dudley Buxton Medal

Previous awardees

Name Presentation year
Fang Gao-Smith 2021
John Carlisle  2019
Alan Boyd 2019
Eugene Steffey 2019
Ian Russell 2017
Christopher Frerk 2016
Michael Grocott 2015
Peter Charters 2014
Stuart White 2014
Richard Griffiths 2014
Ellen O’Sullivan 2014
Paul Gerard Murphy 2013
Haydn Perndt 2012
Teik Oh 2012
Mark Tooley 2011
Tom Clutton-Brock 2009
Stuart Ingram 2004
Peter Baskett 2001
Archie Brain 1995
William Wellesley Mapleson 1992
John Lunn 1989
James Patrick Payne 1986
R J Linden 1983
Sir Keith Sykes 1980
Cyril Frederick Scurr 1977
Sir Gordon Robson 1971
John Francis Nunn 1968