The Lay Committee (LC)

The LC has a privileged status within the College in that it presents an independent, patient viewpoint at the very point at which key decisions are made.  We support the College but where necessary we also seek to challenge the profession’s perceived wisdom on behalf of the patient population.

We hope that you will find these pages of interest. They have been written by lay people who have personal experience of medical treatment and have subsequently volunteered to become members of the LC.

The LC has been formed of enthusiastic people who seek to represent patients as far as possible and to give voice to the needs of patients and to seek improvements in their care.   The LC's purposes are set out within a set of detailed Terms of Reference.  In summary they set out, a requirement to support and advise the College from a patient’s perspective.  In addition, individual members of the LC are invited to sit on the many College Committees to provide practical patient experience to their recommendations.  

The LC's purposes are:

  • To support and advise the College with the patient perspective.
  • To respond to requests from the College for patient input.
  • To recommend information for patients about anaesthesia and associated disciplines.
  • To recommend improvements in communication with patients.


Short biographies of the lay members of the LC
Short biographies of the anaesthetist members of the LC
Communication with the public, enhanced recovery programmes etc
List of work achieved by the LC
Background of the LC and the work it undertakes
Links to other websites and specialist patient information areas
Information about specific risks, concerns and complications of anaesthesia.
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