Information for Children and Parents

The information materials on this page are for children and young people. Whatever the reason you are visiting these pages, we hope that you will find something interesting and that you enjoy reading.

RCoA information materials for children and young people

The leaflets below have been created especially for young people. Hundreds of young people and children from the age of 4 upwards have helped a team of parents, play specialists, nurses and doctors write the leaflets.  There are three leaflets, all in different styles, and also an online web guide which is a more detailed guide for teenagers and young adults. Choose the one that appeals to you – or read them all if you want to! There are several versions so that you can either read them online or print them off to look at later.

RCoA information for parents and carers of children having an anaesthetic

The below is a useful leaflet for parents and can help you understand what to expect and what choices you may be able to make together.


Information materials from other sources

The leaflet below was originally prepared by individual anaesthetists for the use of patients in their own hospitals and is now recognised by the College as useful for wider distribution. The RCoA has not been directly involved in its production and because of this we cannot formally endorse it. However, we can acknowledge the leaflet as meeting the basic RCoA general standards for good quality patient information as set out in the book Raising the Standard: Information for Patients (RCoA, 2003) developed by the Clinical Quality Directorate and the The Lay Committee


Videos about anaesthesia for children

These linked videos have been made by individual anaesthetists in their own hospitals or by ForMed Films. The College considers the content is useful for children who are expecting to have an anaesthetic, and their parents or carers. The RCoA has not been directly involved in the production of any of these films, and as such, we cannot formally endorse them. However, the Professional Standards Committee and the Lay Committee of the RCoA believe the films are useful and informative.

It should be noted that the films show the setting in the hospital in which the film was made. Other hospitals will vary in the environment, the arrangements for admission and the uniforms of staff. In particular, you must follow instructions about when to stop eating and drinking as given by your own hospital.

Parents and carers may also wish to explain to their child, if appropriate, that the first two films were made using child actors. The children in the films are 'pretending' to have an anaesthetic. The staff and settings used are real hospital facilities, and some children in the films have experience of anaesthesia.  



A Little Deep Sleep from ForMed Films on Vimeo.

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