The FRCA Examinations Review, March 2015

The Examinations Committee arranges a review of the FRCA examinations processes every three years with recommendations which form the basis of future developments.  The most recent review was conducted in 2011 and the report dated November 2011 remains available on the website (see below).  An Examinations Review Group (ERG) was established in mid-2014, which included external and lay involvement, the ERG reviewed all areas of the examinations over a 10 month period, concluding in the development of a comprehensive report and proposals for development to ensure that the examinations remain fit for purpose and in line with the GMC standards for curricula and assessment systems.  The findings and recommendations of the ERG are set out in their report which is available below. The report was approved by College Council in June 2015 and an article on the findings of the report, written by Dr Platon Razis, the Chairman of the examinations committee and the ERG, appears in the July issue of the Bulletin (see below).   All proposals for change will be required to go through a process of approval by the GMC and therefore there is as yet, no set timeline for introduction of these changes.  However, at least one year’s notice for change will be provided before any proposals are implemented.


15 July 2015

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