Professor Ravi Mahajan



Term of office on Council

March 2007–2017

Term of office as Vice-President

March 2016–2017


Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham 


I am a clinical academic with interest in patient safety and quality improvement in perioperative medicine. Currently, I am Chairman of Professional Standards Committee, Chairman of the Committee of Patient Safety and Quality in European Society of Anaesthesiology, Chairman of the Data Intelligence Group of the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group, and Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Anaesthesia. 

Register of Interests

  • Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Anaesthesia (2013–present).
  • Investigator for the trials funded by Organon (2004–2006), all the funds were deposited to the Departmental University Accounts.
  • Some medico-legal work.
  • Research workshop conducted of Anaxsys, and received honoraria for the same.
  • Research funded by BOC – Gases (2008–2010).
  • Member, Wollaton Park Golf Club branch of the Rotary Club since 2008, Nottingham District.
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