Invited Reviews

PLEASE NOTE THAT RCOA IS UNDERGOING A REVIEW OF THE INVITED REVIEW PROCESS. Changes will be implemented in the summer 2017. Please contact the office if you have any queries.


All requests are treated as strictly CONFIDENTIAL.


Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


All reviews need at least 8 weeks’ notice in order to ensure that reviewers can be released from their own Trusts.


All invoices must be paid prior to the visit taking place.

The Invited Review service is offered to Trusts/Boards who feel they would benefit from a professional and independent opinion. The RCoA also runs invited reviews for Intensive Care Medicine in conjunction with the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

Reviews can be requested in light of concerns regarding: the whole department; an individual; patient safety concerns; working relationships within a department; workload issues; return to work issues or any other anaesthesia related issues that have cause for concern.

Please note: Issues relating to individuals must be below the level that would require GMC involvement.

The purpose of the review is to identify potential problems, their causes and offer recommendations towards local resolution and offer practical and fair advice on ways to improve the anaesthesia services offered and to resolve the underlying issues.  Following the review, a report will be provided to the Hospital.

For further information on the Invited Review service, please review the Guidance document.

If you are interested in becoming an InvitedReviews Reviewer, please contact the office directly.  The next Invited Reviews trainig day will be held at the RCoA on 10 March 2017.

Cinical Quality Coordinator 
020 7092 1571

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