FPM10 - Monthly updates


Throughout 2017, the Faculty is going to be releasing monthly updates which will dedicate themselves one by one to the main areas of focus of the Faculty and its future strategic plan.


FPM10 was launched in January and we released a timeline highlighting the work undertaken by the Faculty since its launch in 2007. You can find the timeline here.


February is focussing on the popular educational meetings programme run by the Faculty.  Please click on the image below to find out more:



This month we are focussing on the amazing Essential Pain Management Programme (EPM) which the Faculty runs in developing countries to improve pain management by training local health workers. Please click on the image below to find out more:



This month we are looking at the FFPMRCA exam. As well as celebrating the 10th year of the Faculty, in April we had the 10th sitting of the exam. Thank you to all those who worked hard to get the exam established and who maintain the high standards for both the examiners and the candidates. The examination standard befits the stated aim:  “The examination will be designed and conducted in accordance with the highest standards and further raise standards of Pain Medicine in the UK.”  Please click here to find out more information.



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