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Shape of Training Review

31 Jan 2013

The following is the College's response to this consultation. Anaesthesia is the largest single hospital specialty in the NHS. The Royal College of Anaesthetists is the professional body responsible for the specialty throughout the UK, and it ensures the quality of patient care...

Shape of Training - review questions

31 Jan 2013

The following is the College's response to this consultation. Over the next 30 years, how do you think the way patients are cared for will change? Caring for an increasingly ageing population who have both a heavy burden of chronic disease and complex social care needs with the...

Time limit of CCT/CP application

07 Jan 2013

The GMC have recently confirmed the introduction of a limit on timeframes within which a doctor is able to apply for a CCT/CP. The limit will be 12 months from the doctor's expected end of training date, and will be effective from 31 March 2013. Please see these links for...

Time out of training

21 Dec 2012

The GMC have recently issued a position statement on time out of training. Where a trainee has been absent for a total of more than 14 days within each 12 month period, a review of their CCT date will be triggered. A decision on whether an extension to the CCT date needs to...

Shape of Training Review – call for ideas and evidence

13 Dec 2012

This review takes place in a rapidly changing environment and had been set up to understand and plan for the future of postgraduate medical education and training. Medical and scientific advances, evolving healthcare and population needs, changes to healthcare systems and...

Moving to the current curriculum

11 Dec 2012

The GMC has recently issued a position statement on the requirements for trainees who are working towards a CCT/CESR (CP) to transfer to the most recently approved curriculum. The statement sets out the timelines for Colleges to provide implementation plans for transferral of...

Revalidation for Trainees

06 Nov 2012

Every doctor who is fully registered with a licence to practise will need to revalidate. This includes doctors in foundation year two and specialty training. How will revalidation work for trainees: Trainees will be revalidated from April 2013 to December 2017. Trainees will be...

Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection (MDRS) Business...

06 Nov 2012

The following is the College's response to this consultation. The RCoA welcomes the opportunity to comment on the MDRS Business Requirements.  The College has been fully committed to National Recruitment since 2009 and remains supportive of nationally coordinated recruitment and...

Recruitment to Anaesthetics August 2013

23 Oct 2012

Anaesthetics recruitment information and guidance for August 2013 is now available via the West Midlands Deanery.

Recognition and approval of trainers

16 Oct 2012

Following consultation, the GMC Council has agreed a phased process for implementing new arrangements for recognising trainers. The document below is a summary of the GMC's implementation plan. 


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